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Michael Anderson | Founder of Spice Crafters LLC

Chilau has been the best-kept secret in Florida for generations. After months of research and speaking to many families who are devoted to the dish, I knew this was a recipe and a time-honored tradition that needed to be shared with the public. This was something to be proud of; a sauce and cooking style that represents ethnic and cultural fusion. After all, nothing brings people together like a common bond through food, and nothing makes for an excellent meal like chilau.

Chilau Sauce Creator Michael Anderson and his Grandmother Minnie Hallback

A Gift from my Grandmother 

Pot of Crab Chilau

I grew up at the edge of the kitchen table... patiently waiting for my grandmother to finish her latest masterpiece. Every Sunday my entire family showed up ready to eat. Her most iconic and legendary dish was Crab Chilau. She only makes it on special occasions and family gatherings. A bowl full of that sauce and some Cuban bread for dunking and I'm a happy camper!

Crab Chilau with Cuban Bread

My grandmother Minnie Hallback is a straight shooter and pulls no punches. So naturally, I wouldn't launch this sauce until she gave me the seal of approval. After months of perfecting the recipe, I was finally brave enough to go to her for the final taste test... She loved it! In fact, she now uses the sauce to make her Crab Chilau because it saves her time without sacrificing her sauce's authentic flavor. Now I can share this incredible chilau recipe with all of you.

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