Concentrated flavor that makes cooking a breeze. It's delicious!

Ultimate Seafood Sauces and Boil

Prepare legendary meals without the fuss! Chilau makes bad cooks great and great cooks legendary. 

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A new spin on Southern Classics with easy to follow recipes you can whip up in no-time!

Family owned

The most important parts of my life are my family, friends and good food. I'm happy you decided to visit my store and support this growing brand. When you buy from me know that you are shopping with a real person and supporting a family who takes great pride in the quality of the product and ingredients you will experience in your kitchen.

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Tampa Tradition Since 1920

As the legend goes Crab Chilau (Cangrejo Enchilado) was first introduced by Cuban immigrants who voyaged to Tampa to work the cigar factories in the Ybor City District, once known as the Cigar Capital of the WorldDuring the 1920's Ybor City was a melting pot of ethnic fusion and culture as Cuban, Spanish, Italian and African American residents embraced the dish and put their own unique spin on it.

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