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Southern Inspired Stew Bases for easy recipes with big flavor

It's Pronounced "Shi-la"

Cook rich flavorful recipes without all the fuss! Our stew bases simplifies your cooking and prep with a bold blend of onion, garlic, celery, spices and cayenne pepper. Simply mix with other bases like stock, broth, cream, or water to easily create perfectly seasoned stews, soups, gravies, or toppings in minutes!

Save time and enhance the flavor of recipes like: Beef Stew, Shrimp'n Grits, Gumbo, Seafood Boil and more!

We make cooking easy!

Quick 30 minute meals with clean simple ingredients and big flavor!




All Chilau products are vegan friendly and contain zero gluten, MSG, or other junk!
All Natural Clean Ingredients
Zero Gluten
Packed With Concentrated Flavor
Vegan/ Vegetarian Friendly

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