Make this with chilau sauce!

Now you can easily make seafood stews, shrimp 'n grits, gumbo and more in half the time, with double the flavor!

Incredible Meals in 30 minutes

We did all the chopping, seasoning and simmering so you don't have to! A healthy, all-natural alternative that never sacrifices that incredible Southern flavor. 10 Cal, 0g Fat, and just 3g Carbs!


Recipes you once thought complicated, time-consuming, and intimidating are now easier than ever with this sauce's simple 2:1 ratio!

Tampa Style Cab Chilau

Tampa's Traditional take on crab stew is a slightly spicy red sauce served over spaghetti with buttered Cuban Bread. Put your spin on it with Sausage, Mussels, Shrimp, Lobster and more! 30 minute Meal!

Seafood Bisque-Touffeé

The flavor is a cross between a delicious seafood bisque and a New Orleans style etouffeé. Amazing in only 30 minutes!

11th Avenue Gumbo

On 11th Avenue in Ybor City there were no rules to what went into the Gumbo pot, but you could expect Blue Crab, Corn, Sausage, Okra. 30 minutes, quick and easy!