Chicken and (Southern Red) Rice

I'm kicking off the Thanksgiving season with one of my favorite one pot meals – Chicken and (Red) Rice! It's another one of those meals that's so easy to make yet it tastes like you worked all day to get dinner on the table. Our new Southern Red Rice complements the chicken perfectly – it adds an extra kick of flavor without being overwhelming or heavy. I love how this recipe combines Latin flavors with Southern style cooking to create a dish that tastes like comfort food meets Latin cuisine. The result is a twist on classic comfort food that tastes amazing alongside turkey or other holiday fare.

Smothered Chicken with Chilau Gumbo

Smothered Chicken with Chilau Gumbo. This was one of those quick meals that I created on the spot. I had limited ingredients but enough to create some of the best chicken I’ve ever tasted. I had two left over bottles of Gumbo sitting in the fridge so I used those as the base flavor. I needed something low carb, so I served it over cauliflower rice. I finally have my cast iron pan seasoned just right and I’ve been using it more often!  

Chicken and Rice in cast iron skillet

Chilau Sauce and seasonings are excellent for non-seafood based recipes. I stumbled on this extra large cast iron skillet recently and decided to make chicken and rice in it. For this recipe I went with chicken thighs as they maintain their juiciness throughout the cooking process. This recipe would work great as well with seafood and other meat selections. Excellent flavor!
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